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Why do I need a Responsive website?

By 855WebMaster on March 2, 2017

Woman showing cell phone

It is clear that we Americans are obsessed with our smartphones. Whether its looking up the nearest restaurant, or trying to figure out how to change a tire, the majority of Americans now turn to their smartphones for answers rather than hunting down a desktop computer. Even online shopping and eCommerce is moving to mobile-devices. Sometimes if feels like the only thing we can’t do on our smartphone is make a phone call without it dropping.
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Responsive Web Design and Progressive Enhancement

By 855WebMaster on February 21, 2017


Most websites are 2 megabytes and load at an infuriating speed. Today’s user simply does not have the time for long page-load. A website should load within 3 seconds or you run the risk of losing a potential customer. That’s why a skilled web development company will utilize Progressive Enhancement, to ensure that a website loads quickly and maintains a user’s attention, while still being able to be heavy with content and images.
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Mobile Friendly vs. Responsive

By 855WebMaster on February 2, 2017

Cell Phone

The terms Mobile-Friendly and Responsive are used interchangeably by many people, even some of us in the Information Technology industry. Frankly, it’s just easier to tell someone they need a mobile-friendly website, rather than try to explain what “Responsive” means. Some people even think that “responsive website” refers to the responsivity of their customer service or load-times. This article will help you understand the difference between the two, and show you the importance of having a fully Responsive website.
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How Do Responsive Websites Help with SEO?

By 855WebMaster on January 16, 2017

Artistic SEO

Responsive websites will rank higher than those that are not. It’s a trend that began in 2014, and will continue into the foreseeable future. Google, Bing, Yahoo and foreign search engines are all beginning to place more importance on websites that adapt to the user’s device, be it a tablet, desktop, smartphone or other mobile device.
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