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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Comprehensive SEO

Today it seems that everyone is practicing SEO. Many companies believe in band-aid solutions, and that simple tweaks are enough to raise you in the search rankings. At 855-Webmaster, we’ve established a list of proven SEO methods for the past fifteen years, and utilize them in each and every project.

SEO is more than content creation, it is more than directory submission or altering a robots.txt file. It takes a comprehensive plan from the initial development of a website. So, when someone hires us to do SEO, we literally rebuild their website from the ground-up. We completely redo the framework, so that it is lean and visible, with maximum speed and visibility.

Search Engine Overhaul

We like to use the analogy of an old race car. You can repair an engine, and replace a few parts to get it running, or you can completely replace the engine with modern, state of the art technology. And that’s what we do with your website. We perform a Search Engine Overhaul, by keeping the “body” but we completely gut the insides and rebuild it with modern code that meets our proven SEO standards. Your website will look the same, but it will be faster, more visible, and mobile-friendly.

Responsive Web Development

Whether you need a new website, or want to make your existing website mobile-friendly, we can do it. We develop all of our websites utilizing our proven SEO methods in the framework, and then make them mobile-friendly so they respond in size and function to whatever device your customer is using. There are no needs to multiple sites or applications, your single website will be responsive to the mobile audience. We can also take your existing website and redo the code, so that it maintains the same look-and-fell, but is then mobile-friendly, for all tablets, mobile devices and smartphones.

Search Engine Marketing

In addition to our SEO and Responsive web development, we also offer Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to our clients. This includes establishing and maintaining and online presence, as well as reputation management.

Our SEM offerings include:

  • Adwords & Analytics: Managing a comprehensive Adwords campaign and reviewing results via Google Analytics.
  • reTargeting and reMarketing: Pinpointing clients that have visited your site, and then “following” them across the Internet with your custom ads to remind them of your services.
  • Social Media: Creating or managing your online presence via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media.

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