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Responsive Renovation

Responsive Renovation

You have a beautiful, high-ranking website that’s pulling leads and converting customers. The only problem is, the site isn’t mobile-friendly.

At 855-Webmaster, we’ve seen this many times before. That’s why we offer Responsive reDevelopment. We can take your existing site and make it mobile-friendly, so it works on all smartphones, tablets and other devices without an app.

“We can either design your site from scratch, or retrofit your current website to be responsive,”

With Responsive Renovation, you keep your current website, but have a completely new “engine” under the hood. We will overhaul the code of a website to meet today’s mobile-friendly standards. This is not a piece-meal, band-aid solution. We literally start from scratch to create a website that completely mirrors your current site, but has an entirely new framework that is mobile-friendly and also meets the standards of major search engines.

Design or redesign?

When you are at the forefront of technology, you run into problems with naming your new services and techniques. You want something catchy and we played around with several terms. Site Remodeling? Mobile Revamping? Mobile Friendly Modernization? Mobile Makeover? In the end, we felt Responsive Renovation explained our services best.

That’s because we can redevelop your site with a new look and feel, or we can retrofit your existing site to be responsive. We can impellent a variety of content management systems, so you are able to update your site remotely and without an intermediary. So whether you need a new website, or want a renovation, contact us for a free quote.

Benefits of Responsive Design:

There are two obvious benefits of responsive website design. The first, your site will be able to communicate your message to any audience, whether they are using a smartphone or a laptop. The second, you will keep current with today’s major search engine standards. Google announced in April of 2015 that they would begin prioritizing websites that were mobile-friendly, over sites that were not.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Proven SEO Techniques are utilized when redeveloping your code, so you maintain or improve your rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more.
  • Quicker load times, as our code is leaner and meaner than the bulky code of the past. This means search engines will read your site quicker, and it will load faster for customers.
  • Higher conversion rates, due to a larger audience able to view your brand and message on a variety of devices and platforms.

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